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Pelvic Floor Health

Episode Notes

Kim Vopni is the Vagina Coach and Personal Trainer. She is a passionate promoter of pelvic health and uses fitness and movement to help women prevent and overcome challenges like incontinence, organ prolapse and chronic back pain.

In todays episode we discuss;

-Why pelvic health is important to address both during pregnancy and postpartum 

-What is normal when it comes to pelvic floor health. No having urinary in continence even as we age is NOT normal. 

-What is organ prolapse including the early signs of prolapse

-Ways to address pelvic floor concerns including incontinence, pelvic pain, pain with sex, and organ prolapse 

Connect with Kim Vopni at:

-Website - https://www.vaginacoach.com/

-Surgery Program - https://www.vaginacoach.com/surgery

-Prepare To Push for pregnant women - https://www.vaginacoach.com/preparetopush

-Buff Muff Challenge - https://www.vaginacoach.com/buffmuff

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